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Welcome to our Golden Acres
Dichi Goldens — Living In God’s Country!
Since we live on the Wisconsin River across from the Pine Island Wildlife Refuge, we enjoy spectacular goose hunting
opportunities and Dick enjoys hunting with the dogs.  We spend a lot of time swimming the dogs for both exercise and
water retrieval training sessions.  The current in the Wisconsin River is very strong — much too swift to send out a puppy —
so we dug “The Training Pond” behind the kennels and runs.  It is approximately 225′ long by 50′ wide and about 12 feet
deep at the deepest point.  The spring-fed water and the sandy bottom make it ideal for our purposes.  Now we are able to
get even the little puppies out there at a very young age to begin their training sessions.
At Dichi Goldens, we have a building specifically dedicated to our guests — both human and canine!  This building, which is
approximately 250 feet away from our main kennels and runs, serves as the Visitor Center for Dichi Goldens.  It also serves as
our puppies’ home once they hit 4 weeks of age.  Before that, they are quarantined in our home.  Puppy socialization is done
here, along with training for our clients before puppies go to their new homes.   It is totally self-sufficient, with its own water,
heat and air conditioning, and attached 6 ft. high runs.  In it, we also have a small display to demonstrate all the things a Golden
needs, and how to properly use them —  crate, shampoo, ear cleaner, grooming brushes and combs, toys, etc.
We want our Golden Retrievers to be well taken care of!
This is our “Bed & Breakfast” accommodations.  This building allows us to separate specific dogs from the general kennel.  It
can also be used as a quarantine building, if needed, as our dogs come and go from the show circuit, or for any other
reason.  We also use this to house our own girls who are in season and for girls visiting from other kennels to bred.  The B &
B is heated and air conditioned, and also has its own water supply
And, at the end of the day, when it’s time to relax — we head to the river and count our blessings to live in such beauty!
Thank you for touring our facility page.  
We hope you enjoyed your visit!