Pearl's sire:  
Sombra Dichi Just Cruisin'
Pearl's dam:
Am. CH
Dichi Summit Blown Away
Dichi Clammin' On The River
(Sombra Dichi Just Cruisin'   x   Am. CH Dichi Summit Blown Away)
Pearl is a lovely bitch out of our Carrie
(Am. CH Dichi Summit Blown Away), and
sired by our
PT(Sombra Dichi Just Cruisin').

She is a very pretty girl, but early on made it
apparent that the show ring was not her
favorite thing to do.   She takes after her
father in that regard.  Her favorite activity is
rummaging around on the shoreline of the
Wisconsin River looking for the river
clams.   She never loses hope that she will
find one that contains a freshwater pearl!  
She's a sweet, happy girl and we enjoy
having her here.  

Pearl's hips are registered and rated
"GOOD" and her elbows are registered and
rated "NORMAL".    Her eyes and heart are

Pearl has had her DNA tested through
Embark  and is CLEAR of the recessive
Golden issues -- Degenerative Myelopathy,
the three Progressive Retinal Atrophys -
GR-PA1 and GR-PRA2 and prcd,  
Ichthyosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Dystrophic
Epidermolysis Bullosa, Neuronal Ceroid
Lipofuscinosis CLN5, and Osteogenesis
Imperfecta - Brittle Bone Disease.  

She has very dark pigment year around and
has a correct bite with full dentition.