Am. CH Amberac Dichi Sum Kinda Guy     ---     "Baja"
Am. CH Dichi Here's Looking At You, Kid     ---     "Bogie"
Am. CH Sundown Dichi Eye See You     ---     "Boo"
Am. CH Dichi Captain Boomerang     ---     “Boomer”
Am. CH Dichi B There Or B Square     ---     "Callie"
Am. CH Dichi Summit Blown Away    ---    “Carrie”
Am./Can. CH Dichi One Final Chance     ---     "Chance"
Am. CH Dichi Cut To The Chase     ---     "Chase"
Am. CH Snowshoe Dichi You Go Girl     ---     "Cher"
Am. CH Dichi's Darby Doodlebug, OD     ---    "Darby"
Am. CH Dichi Gimme That Wink     ---     "Flirt"
Am./Can. CH Dichi Ridgepond Up Up N Away     ---    "Fly Guy"
Am./Can. CH Amberac Dichi Face The Odds, OS     ---    "Gambler"
Am./Can.CH, Am. GCH Kristil Dichi Wind In My Hair     ---     "Harley"
Am./Can. CH Dichi's Kidd Kodi     ---     "Kodi"
Am. CH Dichi Snowshoe Big Island     ---    "Kona"
Am. CH Dichi's Rarin' To Go     ---     "Nellie"
Am. GCH CH Summit Dichi Picture Perfect   ---   "Pixie"
Am. CH Dichi Slower Traffic Keep Right     ---     "Race"
Am. CH Dichi Ya Gotta Have Vision, CGC, CGCA,
Therapy Dog Certified, Temperament Tested     ---    
Am./Can. CH Dichi's Young Girl W' Dreams, ThD, CGC, TDI  ---  "Shilo"
Am. CH Avalor Dichi Black Tie Affair    ---     "Tux"
Am. CH Dichi Go Unchallenged, OS     ---    "Victor"
Our Gallery of Champions -- Past & Present
Take time to
smell the flowers!
Stay happy!
Our Dogs
Our At Home Gang - Present

Dichi's Barefoot Contessa     ---     "Ava"

Dichi Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs   ---   "Cocoa"

Dichi That's The Way It Crumbles     ---     "Cookie"

Dichi Blast From The Past     ---     "Daisy Duke"

Dichi Clammin' On The River     ---     "Pearl"

Dichi Peg O' My Heart    ---     "Peggy"

Dichi Sharmik Fun At The Beach     ---     "Sandy"

Dichi's Pooh Bear     ---     "Winnie"
Go For The Gusto!
Dichi's Golden Cami Girl,
But, most importantly --
Take Time To Dream,
Views from Wisconsin -- Lookin' Out Our Back Door

Northbound Geese on the Wisconsin River   -   Springtime Turkeys in our back yard

Sandhill Crane Nesting By Our Kennel     -     Eagles Nesting on the Wisconsin River By Our Home
And, enjoy the beautiful
world around us!